• Elizabeth Einhorn

Luminous Enhancement Works for Seiko SKX and Seiko Monster

We are the team specifying in diver watch enhancement. Recently we introduce the luminous enhancement works for two Seiko popular work horses – Seiko Monster and Seiko SKX series.

SkxNova – The Luminous Sapphire Crystal Bezel Insert for Seiko SKX

First we introduce the SkxNova. It is the luminous bezel insert made by sapphire crystal engineered for Seiko SKX series. It fits all versions of SKX007/009 and other variants. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit SKX013 only. It is because the diameter of its bezel insert is different to SKX007/009. Like sapphire crystal made watch glass, it is non-sctaching in daily wearing. And it is so beautiful on reflecting under sunlight.

Why Sapphire crystal?

SkxNova is sapphire crystal made and based on the design of SKX bezel insert. During the research and development, we also considered on ceramic material. Although ceramic made bezel insert is very hot item for modification, it is not the best material for luminous effect. Sapphire crystal made bezel insert is the common and the best material for luminous effect. With multi-layers of luminous afterglows, the bezel can shine as long as the Lumebrite hands on Seiko dial.

MonsterNova – The Luminous Bezel for Seiko Monster

MonsterNova is another nice luminous enhancement works. It is engineered for Seiko Monster. It works best with both 1st generation and 2nd generation of Monster. Made by high quality 316L Stainless steel, it is as tough as the original bezel. Perhaps, it is the best replacement bezel for Seiko Monster. In design, we remain the face of the original bezel but add Green Super Afterglow on all indexes. The indexes will glow in green color very brightly in dark and last for long hours.

Since Monster has many variant models, Monster comes with other 3 PVD versions – PVD Black, PVD Blue and PVD Rose Gold.

Both of these nice enhancement works can be ordered with 15% off during pre order session. They will be released in late February. If you are interested, please check out through our official website: www.bluebirdives.com

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