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MonsterNova™ - Luminous Bezel for Seiko Monster

Seiko Monster is the one of the most popular entry-level diver watches. For a decade, it has been famous for its cool monster look and quality. To be honest, the monster is very eye-catching due to its unique face.

So we keep wondering what we can do better for its look. Recently our team found the answer. Now we are proud to introduce the world’s first luminous bezel for Seiko Monster.


We called it MonsterNova™. Perhaps, it is the best replacement bezel for Seiko Monster. In design, we remain the face of the original bezel but add LumiNova® Green Super Afterglow on all indexes. The indexes will glow in green color very brightly in dark.


Of course, the MonsteNova™ can be compatible with first generation and Second generation of Seiko Monster. It also comes with at least two versions – 316L and PVD Black.

How to install and remove?

Most of you may concern about the installation and removal of Monster Bezel. Actually you just need the simple tools to do it yourself. You can buy them on ebay. We will make a tutorial video for installation and removal in the future.

Tool for removal

Tool for installation

Date of Release

The MonsterNova™ will be release in January 2017. If you are interested, please sign up our email subscription to get the latest news about MonsterNova™.

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